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Call 01782 560772 for a free quote today ||Heating||Plumber|| 24/7 Emergency Line 07803174273
Call 01782560772 for a free quote today ||Heating||Plumber|| 24/7 Emergency Line 07803174273
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Broken, Damaged or Faulty Boiler?


Boiler Broken down??? Don't be left in the cold !!!


We are arguably the lowest available boiler installations in staffordshire & Cheshire and with price beating quotes we are constantly working to keep it that way.


With all our boiler repairs being carried out by only fully trained gas installation engineers we're confident you'll need to look no further than HMS Property. On top of this we offer full guarantees on our products with original boiler manufacturers warrantees.


If you're looking to save money, you've come to the right place















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