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Call 01782560772 for a free quote today ||Heating||Plumber|| 24/7 Emergency Line 07803174273
Call 01782560772 for a free quote today ||Heating||Plumber|| 24/7 Emergency Line 07803174273
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Handyman - No job too small!


Work gets done quick-time when you have your own handyman. Staffordshire isn't a hell of absent builders and cut-throat cowboys not with us around!


With HMS you know we're the best we've been around for 25 years and have a solid reputation.


* Fit Replacement Light Fittings, Switches & Sockets
* Repair Faulty Spot Lights & Extractor Fans
* Replacing Light Bulbs & Transformers
* Minor Fault Finding


*Shelves, Bathroom Fittings
* Pictures, Mirrors & Paintings
* Curtain Poles, Blinds & Rails
* Shower and Bath Screens



* Stair-Gates and Child proofing
* Flat Pack Furniture Assembly
* Locks, Hinges & Handles
* Broken Sash Cords, Shave Swollen Doors



* Lifting/shifting furniture
*Skirting, Wooden flooring
* Clear gutter
*UPVC Sofits, Fascia’s
*Windows, Doors, Patio’s and Conservatories





Prevent those nasty blocks and foul odors by having your drains maintained regulary. Having your drains cleaned can remove minor blocks that you may not even know are building which in turn prevents you from getting those BIG bills when something nasty happens.


Drain Guards


A good quality stainless steel metal guard supplied and fitted. Keep those leaves and other nasties blocking your drains

we also supply plastic guards and sink traps. A cheap way to keep those big problems at bay.


drain guards



Looking after your Staffs home and office has never been easier. We take as much pride in keeping your home and office up to scratch as you do.


Any job you need doing, we’ll do it well.



Our handyman can!








Conservatory Cleaning


Fancy a spring clean this year? Why not make that conservatory really sparkle so the sun can shine through brightly this summer. With an hour of power washing (2 for larger buildings) your beautiful conservatory will be the envy of all your neighbours.


So what are you waiting for let us get rid of those cobwebs, winter leaves from your gutters and weather mold from the roofs.



T&C's apply










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